Top 10 Stock Broking Companies In India, Stock Prices, Equity Investment

Top 10 Stock Broking Companies In India, Stock Prices, Equity Investment

Stock markets all over the world have evolved and become a matured investment avenue after several rises and falls. The Indian stocks have also seen some of the worst and best moments. Today, after decades of fluctuating indices, the market has turned sober and steady. This in turn has attracted many new retail investors who were either prejudiced or scared of investing in one of the most exciting investment options. Stocks are bought with the help of:

1. Share broker – A stock broker is an entity who generally services small retail customers.

2. Stock broking companies – These are large entities, catering to medium and high net worth individuals. Most of the top 10 stock broking companies in India offer diverse services and typically ranked in terms of size, popularity and the type of products and services it offers. They offer professional solutions to their clients needs. Yet another highlight of these entities is they have several branches spread across the country which makes them easily accessible.

There was a time when stocks were traded (Bought and Sold) physically. Not any more. Today, everything is done in a paperless fashion. An investor needs to open up a Demat account which is generally linked to a savings account. The investor also has to open up an account with a stock broker or stock broking company. Once these basic requirements are attended to, the investor can then start dealing in stocks.

Stock prices are dependent on several factors ranging from macro-economic parameters to government stability, exports, inflation and even monsoon. But in the broader sense, stocks with good future prospects tend to rise steadily as the company grows in terms of revenues and profits. On the other hand stocks which rise suddenly and without reason are artificially bloated, that can collapse as quickly. A wise investor generally invests in stocks of the former category.

Buying stocks of companies to earn quick returns is called speculation. Speculative buying or trading is highly risky which can lead to great losses if not unloaded at the right time. Rising stock prices is called a bull phase whereas falling prices is called bear phase.

Equity investment is a process of buying a part of the public listed company in the form of stocks. A stock or a share provides a legal proof of owning a certain percentage of ownership. Stocks are tradable; can be sold or bought in stock markets. One of the major reasons why people invest in equity is because of high returns. Once an investment is made in a company with strong fundamentals and future prospects, the price of that stock rises steadily. Over a period of time it offers investors amazing margins.

HDFC Securities is a leading stock trading company which has been operating for over 10 years and serves a diverse customer base of retail and institutional investors. HDFC Securities provides a seamless online real-time platform to trade in stocks where one can buy or sell shares on both the NSE and BSE. HDFC securities keeps you updated with the latest news in IPO along with a complete list of forthcoming IPOs and the best performers.

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