Impressive Investment Options in India

Impressive Investment Options in India


Today, India has become an Investment hub and many NRIs, POI’s, and foreign capitalists are investing to explore the potential market of the country. Government has formed and regularized many norms and conditions, which protects the interest of these investors and yields them good returns.

Economic growth, Industrialization resolution, reformed agricultural products, skilled and unskilled labor force, increase in demands of various products and services, rise in international trade for goods and services, natural resources, and infrastructure development has trigger the various investment opportunities for several people.

Reserve Bank of India is entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring the fund flow through various policies, which motivates fair trading and creates more investment opportunities in the country.

The investment can be categorized into two sections, short-term investments and long-term investments, which have captivated the interests of many investors due to high rate of returns. Some of the major reasons for spending on the diversified investment options are as follows-

To take the advantage of the lucrative market situation, and
To be safe against all major downturns.

There are investment advisers who can help you to find the best source of venture with good returns. Shares and equity are some of the conventional sources of investment, which earn you dividends on a regular basis.

This has been the conventional method of investing in any industry. It is suggested to invest your stocks for a longer period of time, in order to get better returns.

Government bonds, equity, and debentures are one source of investment on a long-term basis, as it offers great profit yielding offers. Non-residential and foreign investors are also permitted to invest in these sectors for increasing the Foreign Direct investment into the country.

Fixed Deposit (FD) schemes are offered by various nationalized and private banks. On maturity of these investments, capitalists earn good rate of interest and benefits. These investments can range from 6 months to a maximum of 5 years.

In order to motivate banking and savings in current or savings accounts, banks offer a nominal interest to their depositors on a regular basis. Banking and other financial institutions are now offering insurance polices to their prospective customers. These policies can cover for personal and family insurance, and takes care of all unnatural expenses like accidents, hospitalizations, and death coverage’s.

There are other types of investments like retirement polices, child benefit policies, educational policies, and asset policies where the investor gets an option to pay the insurance amount on monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

These policies are offered under the guidance of the Reserve Bank of India that monitors the functionality of these institutions and protects the interests of the investors. Asset market has become the most profitable investment due to the increase in the property rates. Today, banks offers loan to people from India and also NRIs to purchase the properties in any part of the country.

Many banks, financial institutions, and others offer good investment schemes for NRIs, who can earn good returns. Banks, public sectors, media and entertainment businesses are some of the sources that can assure good returns. All these investments need prior approval of Foreign Investment Board Counselors. 

Ms. Sowmya Somaiah is a Company Secretary and Founder of “Sunshine Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd” at Bangalore, India. For more information visit

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