Besides investing money to Buy Iraqi dinar, you can also make investment in foreign currency. Though, in purchasing currency of foreign countries, your profits are dependant on the FOREX merchants. They are the one who can direct people very well those who are involved in purchasing Foreign Currency properly because they have all the related knowledge and information concerning the changeable market. They can guide their costumers concerning income proficiently with their correct evaluation and analysis. However, there are threats and risks in purchasing the Foreign Currency of different countries because the value of the currency is reliant on the exchange rate and economic and political condition of its country. That’s the reason why so many people hesitate to make investments in foreign currencies as well as they do not have sufficient knowledge about foreign investments. So it is suggested to get the proper knowledge about foreign currency investments before making any investments in foreign currency.


Iraqi dinar is also known as the foreign currency code i.e. IQD. Nowadays, present value of Iraqi dinar is 1167 per USD. At present government of Iraq has plans to remove three zeros from the Iraqi dinar denomination and the value will be kept same as it is at present, its means that one thousands Iraqi dinar would be equal to one IQD. These changes were expected to take place in the end of 2010 but Iraqi government could not get permission from CBI and US department for Iraqi economy. But prior to revaluation of Iraqi dinar, this currency is becoming popular in all over the world. Iraq’s economic and political conditions are improving day by day with the important steps taken by the government. Inflation rate has been lowered from 19% to 6% with in three years. Oil production has been increased and more revenue is being generated from more oil and gas exports. All of these signs are the good signs for the economy of Iraq as well as its currency.

Important Points to Consider in Buying Foreign Currency

Making investments in Iraqi dinar has become a new trend now and large numbers of people are buying the Iraqi dinar due to number of reasons. In view of some people, this investment will earn them huge profits, while in others views this currency will generate good outcomes due to constrained competition in the exchange market of Iraqi dinar.  And some are making investments by considering that it is the lucrative investment opportunity to purchase Iraqi dinar at the low prices. However, if you are planning to invest in Iraqi dinar then here are few suggestions which you must keep in mind before purchasing Iraqi dinar: 

First of all find out the difference between old and new Iraqi dinar
Find out the most expert and well reputed Iraqi dinar dealer that is under certified from US treasury department and Better Business Bureau
You must have all the knowledge about the security features of new Iraqi dinar.

By following these rules, you can make good deal for Iraqi dinar.

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