Errors out of forex investment

Errors out of forex investment

Misunderstanding: the lack of adequate preparation, blind investment

forex deposits with the interest rate is different, many investors want to fully use this the low interest currency deposit funds into high yielding currencies, receive more interest on deposits. They often regardless of how the various forex trend is now out of the points is high or low, blindly Exchange. The idea of ??these investors actually looks like, but as long as another point of view, you will find one of the one-sidedness. Analogy, if a customer after completion of forex exchange, the exchange rate fell by 3% within six months, and he only got 2% interest on deposits, then the client or the existence of a 1% loss.Forex News –  Currency Trading News | Forex Trading News | Forex Research

Myth: lack of risk awareness, the investment does not earn compensation

many investors believe that there is no risk of forex trading, the exchange rate go up to throw, make the difference; exchange rate fell, and put money in on a regular basis, earn interest, as long as interest rates, it can always make up for lost, big deal for a longer time only. As everyone knows, must be established in the investment necessary to stop, so as to avoid certain investment return risk. For example, had the euro was launched, many people are optimistic about its prospects, have bought at 1.13 euros, but the euro’s decline has entered a long road, low down to 0.82 or so, but a fall is more than two years. If such interest rates to compensate for the loss of use, it may at least seven or eight years time.

Myth: others, and blindly follow the trend ofForex News –  Currency Trading News | Forex Trading News | Forex Research

investors on their lack of confidence, that do not have a good income, to blindly follow the trend, others what to buy, they would follow what to buy.

February of this year, the pound fell against the dollar from 1.6500 at 1.6300 a little correction a little, then continued to fall until it stopped decline 1.5700, 1.6300 was caught in a lot of blind investors.

Myth: instant success, often operating

frequent operation requires constant attention to market trend, and most investors office workers, not too much effort to always pay attention to currency fluctuations, so the effect of this operation is often less effective. Investors should believe in yourself, take the most of market opportunities, spare band.

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